About Me - SteelHeel Photography

Greg Ray

An amateur photographer living in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

I got my first SLR camera a long time ago when I was about eighteen years old.  It was a Minolta and I still have it.  I developed my first film and printed my first photos in a co-op darkroom in Carrboro, NC which is basically a twin town right next to Chapel Hill, NC.  I remember how much I enjoyed the enveloping calm and therapeutic quiet of that darkroom.  When I left Chapel Hill a little while later, I put down photography for many years.

Many years later I returned to live in Chapel Hill.  And then I decided to start back with photography but, of course, this time in the digital world.  It's been a blast getting reacquainted and I still have much to learn.  As you see on this site, I don't really shoot in one particular area of photography yet.  I'm just trying to get a little better every day and I'm having a great time doing it.

If you want to talk to about photography or the Tar Heels or the Steelers (yeah, that's where the name came from) or anything else, then feel free to connect with me through one of the social media links below or email me using the "Contact Me" link above.

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